Blake Puryear

  • Head of Product / Senior Product Manager
  • Fayetteville, AR
  • Apr 06, 2020
Full time Operations / Accounting / Legal Project Management Strategy / Planning

Personal Summary

I am a technical marketer and product strategist. I’ve worked for and with some of the largest eCommerce companies in Arkansas. I was a core part of the team at Country Outfitter that created a $100m online boot company on the backbone of Facebook. There, I sat between 20+ devs and designers and translated the needs of the C-Suite into actionable projects. After leaving Country Outfitter with CEO John James, I co-founded Hayseed Ventures. At Hayseed Ventures, I mentored and served as CTO for 13+ startups and met with over 300 entrepreneurs. Hayseed created over 170+ jobs and has seen follow-on raises and exits of its portfolio companies. Now, I direct product and strategy at Engine, an eCommerce platform built for growing brands.

At Engine, I have spearheaded the creation and product direction of an entirely new eCommerce platform. From the customer-facing cart storefront, intuitive admin to product creation, I've lead teams to develop and create a market-ready, sales increasing platform used by multiple brands and a few household names.

I have the unique perspective of a technical background but a passion for marketing and user experience. I've built and honed these skills by working as a developer, a project manager, serving as a CTO and building an agency from the ground up. Now, I'm working on a SaaS platform. I intimately understand the needs of clients and can relate these to a development team. Translating business needs into technical requirements is my specialty.

I bridge the gap between stakeholders and developers, helping to iron out requirements, assess scope and then track the projects through to completion. I'm passionate about developer-stakeholder communication, agile tools and creative solutions to tough problems. I love making connections between people and teams. Fluid communication and finding middle ground solutions that favor the user is my specialty.

I have a varied array of skills that run the gamut from agile product management, user experience flows, user persona creation, software architecture, social media planning and strategy, software development and client-facing consulting. I'm well versed in email marketing, paid social advertising as well as SEO and organic social advertising. Working across the board for several e-commerce companies has helped me round out my skills to be an e-commerce expert.

Work Experience

Cofounder & Head of Product
Jan 2016 - Engine eCommerce

Launched multiple greenfield brand ecommerce experiences on time and within budget
with a green team on an eCommerce platform previously unused in the market
● Redesigned and launched 5 ecommerce brands within a 7 period
● Grew a household name racing brand BFCM Sales by 70% YOY, organic traffic by 45%
● Served as Lead Client Contact and Technical Account Manager for entire brand portfolio

Cofounder & CTO
Oct 2014 - Jan 2016 Hayseed Ventures

● Created process for evaluating product market fit for Venture Studio candidates
● Led large internal and freelance tech team Agile process management
● Built 3 ecommerce brands from the ground up, serving as CTO and Product Manager
● Grew internal brands revenue and created 170+ follow on jobs
● Met with 200+ entrepreneurs, helping to mentor and evaluate their ideas

Business Analyst
Jun 2013 - Oct 2014 Country Outfitter

Formed Marketplace Task force and successfully launched an internal product that grew
to over 500 outside merchants
● Integrated 500 Merchants into our eCommerce platform, built on top of a hand-coded
marketplace solution that I personally built after a 3rd Party Vendor fell through


B.S. - Computer Science
Jan 2008 - Jan 2012 University of Arkansas