Sales Development Representative

  • Sendlane
  • Sep 22, 2020
Full time Sales and Partnerships

Job Description

Hello! We’ll start by introducing ourselves. We’re Sendlane! A SaaS startup in Scripps Ranch that’s disrupting an entire industry by influencing the way people learn about and use email marketing automation. Established in 2015, we’ve grown year over year and that’s been possible because we are constantly looking to out-do ourselves and evolve.

Our team’s dedication to making Sendlane what it is today is humbling which is why we’re looking for that next “special someone” to help take us to the next level. That’s where you come in!

Listen, we get it. Job hunting is 100% THE worst. So, we're happy to tell you the search is over! You did it! You finally found the company of your dreams. Go ahead and give your boss "the finger", flip your desk, knock over your cubicle and march your happy self on over to Sendlane HQ!

Just kidding...we have to invite you. Please don't just show up. Anyway, we’re looking for a Sales Development Representative.

In the past year, especially, evolution really has  become the name of the game. With Sales being our youngest department, it’s not shocking that we’ve created and implemented an entire handbook’s worth of processes and procedures just to turn around and completely scrap everything. We’re actually really proud of that because now we know exactly what’s best for us and exactly what isn’t. We’ve heard that "great SaaS products sell themselves". But, ehhh, we beg to differ. Solutions aren’t always obvious. We need great people to sell our great product and we know that selling SaaS products can be tricky. Plus,  it takes a certain type of person who has the wit, grit and ability.

So, before anything, let’s talk about you…

Through and through, you’re a proactive and convergent thinker with an optimistic and charismatic communication style. You’re naturally assertive and outgoing with a strong ability to “read” people, which gives you the upper hand on putting deals together (something you thrive on). You consider yourself solution focused and you don’t hear or acknowledge negativity; the word “no” is a challenge, not a threat.

Sound like you? Great! Then, let’s discuss the job!

In this role, you would be the inside sales person who strictly focuses on outbound prospecting. That means COLD CONTACTING. We say “contacting” because you’re using all mediums for your outreach, every-which way you can. With nothing but a name, you know how to find and get people to talk to you. Once you have them hooked, your conversations are all about determining goodness of fit and enabling our AE’s to drive the close.

Your job is to ask the right questions and set the stage on how our platform can solve the prospective client’s pain points. You’ve had some experience with a SaaS sales environment so you know what it’s like to sell a product such as ours! Having a solution-focused mindset is the key to success but in order to achieve that, you must first wholly understand our platform with all of its intricacies and capabilities.

Notice we keep using the word “Solve/Solution”? Nurturing a very solution-minded approach to your work at Sendlane is your North Star. Addressing pain points and providing ways to accomplish the client’s goals, even if it requires some creativity...that’s a must-have skill.

That’s the job in a nutshell, but let’s bullet out what your day-to-day will look like:

  • Consistently meeting quota by organizing a high volume of outbound leads through cold contacting

  • Proactively strategizing customer outreach which results in responses and active communication.

  • Effectively qualifying leads by determining goodness of fit with our platform, addressing pain points and setting the stage for a successful demo. 

  • Set demo appointments with potential clients whose fit has been confirmed.

  • Document all conversations so that the hand-off to AE’s is seamless.

  • Report individual results on a weekly basis

  • Staying up-to-date with any new features and pricing plans (keeping yourself educated on our platform and our competition)

  • IF you have experience with Linkedin Navigator, Freshsales and/or Aircall, that’s a plus!

Doesn't sound like much but this is a big role and we need the right person to fill it. Again...this position requires a special kind of grit which means you to have thick skin and a competitive nature. If you have inside sales experience, that’s a plus, but we’d consider anyone who has an obvious hunger to learn, grow and advance their careers in Sales. And we can’t stress this enough...You must be confident in your ability to efficiently and effectively communicate your message while building trust and establishing rapport. Make the other person want to work with you and, ultimately, Sendlane.

If you have confidence in your approach and ability to get people to talk to you...
If you know how to pivot through a conversation with curve-balls that you might not have answers for…
And if you want to get in on the ground floor of a quickly-growing company…

Then this is probably the perfect job for you. We look forward to hearing from you.

“Well all this sounds great, but what’s in it for me?” - Great question!

We strive to ensure that our employees have the best experience possible (while still remembering that you are at your job). Here are the benefits we offer:

  • Health/Dental/Vision - 70% to 100% paid for by us

  • 401k - We match up to 4%

  • Unlimited PTO

  • Flex Fridays (work remotely!)

  • Company-provided Macbook for use throughout your employment

  • Standing desks (optional)

  • Catered lunches and monthly team building

  • Ping pong and shuffleboard 

  • Fully stocked break room (Coffee, sodas, and snacks galore!)

  • Comfy spinny computer chair with 18 adjustment points

COVID-19 ALERT: We plan to remain entirely remote until it is 100% safe to return to our office in Scripps Ranch. For as long as masks are required and stringent safety measures must be in place simply to be in the same place for long periods, we will operate remotely. We've successfully done this since March 16th, 2020 and are prepared to continue for as long as it takes. Nothing is more important than the safety of our employees and the safety of our community. 

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