FenixCommerce is a cloud-based, SaaS company using AI & machine learning to provide Retailers & DTC Brands a consumer-driven Supply Chain Execution platform.  FenixCommerce Intelligent Delivery Solutions bring innovation to both the customer experience and fulfilment operations by leveraging the data that already flows through your eCommerce platform. Fenix helps Retailers/DTC brands increase conversion, reduce shipping cost and optimize their entire supply chain based on consumers’ preferences and data, all pre-purchase and in real-time.

On the front-end, Fenix increases conversion by displaying accurate and personalized delivery dates on Retailers’ product, cart and checkout pages, pre-purchase. On the back-end, Fenix lowers fulfillment and carrier costs by allocating inventory across the entire network and automating carrier selection, in real-time. We help retailers provide their own ‘Amazon Prime’-like delivery experience leveraging their current eCommerce and supply chain assets.