Gorgias is a San Francisco based startup with team members (45+) and offices all over the globe. We are making a SaaS helpdesk solution for e-commerce that automates a big part of the repetitive customer support tasks. We have over 2200+ paying customers using our product, and our recurring revenue is growing 10% MoM. We just raised a $14m round in October 2019, and we intend to triple in size in 2020.


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Let's be honest... Customer support is not a popular industry these days. It's a hard, repetitive job. Imagine replying to the same, "where is my order?" question 400 times a day - humans shouldn't do that. Machines should.

That's why we come to work at Gorgias. We are working hard to automate the repetitive requests so that people who are doing support can focus on tough and interesting cases instead.

At Gorgias, we're helping over 2200+ e-commerce businesses worldwide that collectively serve millions of consumers. For the customer support agents, Gorgias is not a "nice to have" - it's the primary tool for the job, and even if the end customer never knows about us (as it should be), we're an integral part of their experience.

For us, this means two things: we're working on a high-impact product, and we have a responsibility to deliver a reliable and high-quality application.

You should join us if you want to ship stuff fast without scarifying quality. We're put great importance on testing our code, cleaning it, treating errors first, and features later.

We also value growth and ownership. People make mistakes. We learn from them to avoid them in the future. We cannot achieve excellence if there are no bumps in the road.

If you work with us, you will be treated with respect and trust, independent of your gender, ethnicity, or background, and we except results and integrity in return.